Emma Hamel

Director  /  Video Editor  /  Audio Engineer


Hi! I’m a freelance video editor and recording engineer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have proficiency in Adobe Premiere, Logic Pro X, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Audition.

My experience consists of independent, creative, and commercial work. I’ve written, directed, recorded, edited, and self-published 62 music videos for my personal YouTube channel, amounting to over 980,000 views. I wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced my personal 8-track album. I co-edited, co-produced, and co-promoted a 6-part documentary film about the production of a play, which amounted to 3 hours of tightly edited content. I work very well under pressure, a deadline, or a time crunch. I am passionate, attentive, and intimately familiar with every step of the process of translating a loose concept into a finished product.

My strongest trait: I care! A lot! I work hard with intention. My top priority is to give you exactly what you want. I understand firsthand how hard it can be to hand your work over, but you can trust that I will work with you to create something of quality. No detail is too small.