Emma Hamel – Press Kit


Singer/songwriter Emma Hamel spent many of her high school years scrawling lyrics in class and singing in her bedroom before she began performing her original music all around the Midwest.

Emma’s music pairs poetic lyrics with haunting vocals and stripped down arrangements that let the story take center stage. Her deeply heartfelt songs are filled with the hopes, insecurities, and uncertainties that accompany the transition from youth to adulthood.

Emma has been featured on numerous radio and TV programs and was the winner of the Acorn Theater Singer/Songwriter competition.


Emma Hamel opens up with debut album, Headspace.

When her senior year was suddenly cut short by COVID, Emma wrote “Standing By My Side”, a song for the class of 2020. The song and the accompanying YouTube video struck a chord, and was streamed hundreds of thousands of times, played at virtual graduation ceremonies around the world, and was covered by national and international news outlets.

Over the following year, Emma continued to turn to music as a way to connect with others and also to explore and process the fears and uncertainty she felt while stepping into adulthood in the midst of a global pandemic. After months of writing and recording in isolation, Emma announced the release of her debut album, Headspace, an entirely self-produced musical self-portrait, in eight tracks. Emma shared how deeply personal the songs on the album are, saying, “Headspace explores my doubts and fears, and my joys and hopes. It’s a snapshot of my innermost thoughts, and a journey through self-discovery and self-reflection.”

Headspace was released worldwide on Friday, November 5, 2021 on major streaming platforms.

1. Let This Go
2. I Wish I Could Play The Guitar
3. I’m Not Here For You

(single, 10/15)

4. After The Credits Roll
5. Nothing Days
6. Untitled
7. City Lights

(single, 10/29)

8. Wonderland